Monday, May 29, 2017

God Knows Me

God really does know me. He knew that I was getting a little tired at the end of my mission but that I still wanted to continue on, and so He sent me someone I needed at the perfect time. Sister Fielding is so diligent and hardworking and also FUN and hilarious- she's teaching me how to be a better missionary and I LOVE her! I am just feeling jipped that I only get 4 weeks with her! President hinted that by June 21st I'll go to a new area for my last area...

I've learned a lot more about how to really pray this week, and how to have fun while working your tushie off. I thought I knew how to do that ok, but Sister Fielding is teaching me so much. There's still so much I never knew I never knew!

This week L_____ demonstrated that you can put a dog in a baby carrier.... I never knew. LOL. And we also were able to eat out at a Chinese buffet place, YUM. Enjoy the pics!

I've been studying Faith in the Book of Mormon for a while now, but when I brought up that I'm trying to have more faith, Sister Fielding commented that she's assuming that I'm praying for more faith... I looked at her in shock. Have I been praying for faith as I've been studying faith? NO! Why not? I have no idea!!! Hahaha it's the simple things we tend to overlook. The Gospel is so simple but it'll take a lifetime to get it right. Thank goodness for practice!

I love the Lord and I love Idaho. I've been so blessing in so many ways. We met a lady that had been through the Temple and made sacred covenants with God but then decided that she didn't believe in Him and turned the other way, and now she's very bitter and angry and she kept us on her doorstep trying to justify her lifestyle and beliefs to us for a long time... it was sad to see, and our spirits ached for her. Yet, it was a huge testimony for me and what I believe in. Those experiences with people who are "anti-Mormon" only solidify my belief that I am truly serving the One True God hoping to bring as many as I can into His One True Church. I believe it with all of my heart, and it brings me so much joy :) Life is glorious with God's grace.

All y'all have a good week and stay strong to what you know!

Sis. Clark

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