Tuesday, June 27, 2017

B_____ L_____ is BEAUTIFUL!!

EVERYTHING in my life feels perfect and wonderful right now! :D

Not only do I have an amazingly beautiful area with thousands of adoring members of the church who LOVE us to death, but I also have an amazing companion I talk to forever into the late hours of the night AND I also get to go on exchanges with Sister Holtermann!!!!! AND IN OUR 5 STAR RIDICULOUSLY NICE APARTMENT, I HAVE A SLEEP NUMBER BED. YEAH, YOU READ IT RIGHT. I'm living the life of luxury, guys.

It was so sad to say goodbye to Sister Fielding!!! I will miss her so much :( And also Sister John... but as I've said, I love B____ L____ :D I walked into a baptism on Friday and we apparently have two other people who want to be baptized this month and next, so this area is booming with work! We also give tours at the P____ Tabernacle, which I am SUPER excited for, and for the 4th of July we're already signed up to help with concessions and the choir and events.... this is going to be lit!!!

As I've finally hit the last 6 weeks of my mission, I've started on a program for returning missionaries called My Plan. Basically, you write about your experiences that changed you as a missionary and prepare to go home and make goals so you can keep going after your mission. All the missionaries dread it because it constantly talks about going home but also emphasizes dating and marriage like crazy.... ack! BUT, as I was working on My Plan, something happened that I never thought would... I actually received revelation from God during it! My Plan was asking about what I'll do to keep the Sabbath holy at home, and I realized that I want to make that day my spiritual P-Day. I'd be putting a twist on my current P-Day (Preparation Day) that's on Monday that we have to do our laundry, clean, go shopping, play... I can do a spiritual preparation day!!! It hit me out of the blue! 8am to 6pm on Sundays I want to dedicate purely to the Lord and to studying, and then from 6 on I could play with my family and watch gospel movies and all that goodness :) Who knew, My Plan is actually helping me haha!

Another thing I've realized is that it isn't the missionary 'mantle' (special blessings from God) that makes a mission a mission, but it's just doing all of the little things we're supposed to be doing anyway that gives missionaries power! Before I honestly barely ever read my scriptures or prayed consistently, and all I did for Sundays was show up to church and be anxious the whole time to get home and eat lunch. BUT NOW, I understand why we're asked to do these daily things. Nothing else helps us to stay close to Heavenly Father, to learn to speak with Him, and to be protected and strengthened in every moment. I'm feeling like I can actually go home now without any fears because I understand that if I keep up with the little things, I don't have to lose this amazing spiritual high and happiness that I'm on- this streak of joy and fulfillment in my life can only keep getting better and stronger even as a normal civilian again haha!

I want to live my life as a breathing testament that everything and anything you could ever possibly go through is SO MUCH EASIER with Christ on your side. Everything is going so well, and I feel so happy and close and personal with my Savior :D It is the best feeling in the universe, trust me! And I'm not the only one that feels this way!!

Keep on keeping on, everyone!

Sister Clark

Monday, June 19, 2017

6 Weeks Left....

Sister Fielding and I are terrible at taking pictures together because we are constantly having good times- it's a good problem to have!! I've loved Sister Fielding SO much, it's been a good 4 weeks :)

But now, transfer calls have come! I'm leaving B____ and headed to P_____!! Woohoo!!!!

I'm really excited for it! I'll be serving directly in B______ L______ and all the cute towns surrounding it. I used to go to BL all the time when we lived in Utah, so this will be fun! I'm looking forward to this new and final area!

ALSO, my last comp is going to be Sister Sanchez. I came out with her on our missions, and I remember when she joined us at the airport and all of us were so nervous but excited to head to Idaho. Now, we'll be "dying" (finishing our missions) together in P____ and we'll be heading out of Idaho together as well!! I LOVE Sister Sanchez- I've seen her in passing and hung out a little on P-Days and at the Idaho Falls Temple, and she seems so cool! I cannot wait :D

I'll miss this area and Sister Fielding so much... :( But, on to new adventures!!!!! Keep on keeping on, everyone!

Sister Clark

Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm 17 months out?!?!?!?

I LOVE Sister Fielding!! When I had some down days this week, she was right there to pick me back up. Not only that, but when I felt like I deserved a break or to just take time to close my eyes, she helped me to keep pushing through the day (in a non-pushy or judgy way) and in the end I was brought more joy and peace and we were able to meet a new lady to teach named B______!! The greatest cure to sadness or depression really is WORK and reaching outside of yourself! President Hinckley was right all along, and I was able to see that for myself this week.

What else that's been happening is that our stake changed its boundaries (for those of who confused about stakes and wards, please ask the nearest Mormon), and so we've been super focused on our AREA BOOK AND MAPS. We spent most of Tuesday deep cleaning our area book. In every area there's a binder that keeps track of nonmembers/less active members who aren't interested, don't want church contact, or not interested now but might be later. So we had to go through and see what we had to give to Elders who got parts of our area and also organize it for ourselves. The goal of an area book is to so any missionary that comes in at any time can pick up right where the previous missionaries were. It took so much work, and after being here for 6 months it's such an adjustment in my brain to figure out that everyone is in different wards now...!

We also obsessed over a fluffy puppy and had a few photo shoots! Hahaha I really, really love my mission and Sister Fielding is so wonderful to me- I'm very happy!

Keep on keeping on to Christ, everyone!

Sister Clark

The Temple has been Re-Dedicated!

This week was a little wild! Our boundaries have been changed and we have a new ward with a brand new bishop!! We're really excited!

Also, the Idaho Falls Temple is officially back up and running now!! Woohoo!!!!! It's so beautiful :D So many spiritual experiences followed! We played with kittens this week, ate Panda Express after our MLC meeting in Pocatello, and Sister Fielding made a blanket fort out of her bed! We have way too much fun playing with cards too- I love this chick!!

I don't have a lot to say today, but I testify that no matter what you feel like is going on in your life, no matter what storm hits you, if you rely on the Master our Savior Jesus Christ, no storm or troubled sea can ever wreck you. When you can't stand your problems, try kneeling :) I know it works.

Keep on keeping on, everyone! Thank you to all who support me and thank you for your love!

Sister Clark