Monday, June 19, 2017

6 Weeks Left....

Sister Fielding and I are terrible at taking pictures together because we are constantly having good times- it's a good problem to have!! I've loved Sister Fielding SO much, it's been a good 4 weeks :)

But now, transfer calls have come! I'm leaving B____ and headed to P_____!! Woohoo!!!!

I'm really excited for it! I'll be serving directly in B______ L______ and all the cute towns surrounding it. I used to go to BL all the time when we lived in Utah, so this will be fun! I'm looking forward to this new and final area!

ALSO, my last comp is going to be Sister Sanchez. I came out with her on our missions, and I remember when she joined us at the airport and all of us were so nervous but excited to head to Idaho. Now, we'll be "dying" (finishing our missions) together in P____ and we'll be heading out of Idaho together as well!! I LOVE Sister Sanchez- I've seen her in passing and hung out a little on P-Days and at the Idaho Falls Temple, and she seems so cool! I cannot wait :D

I'll miss this area and Sister Fielding so much... :( But, on to new adventures!!!!! Keep on keeping on, everyone!

Sister Clark

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