Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm 17 months out?!?!?!?

I LOVE Sister Fielding!! When I had some down days this week, she was right there to pick me back up. Not only that, but when I felt like I deserved a break or to just take time to close my eyes, she helped me to keep pushing through the day (in a non-pushy or judgy way) and in the end I was brought more joy and peace and we were able to meet a new lady to teach named B______!! The greatest cure to sadness or depression really is WORK and reaching outside of yourself! President Hinckley was right all along, and I was able to see that for myself this week.

What else that's been happening is that our stake changed its boundaries (for those of who confused about stakes and wards, please ask the nearest Mormon), and so we've been super focused on our AREA BOOK AND MAPS. We spent most of Tuesday deep cleaning our area book. In every area there's a binder that keeps track of nonmembers/less active members who aren't interested, don't want church contact, or not interested now but might be later. So we had to go through and see what we had to give to Elders who got parts of our area and also organize it for ourselves. The goal of an area book is to so any missionary that comes in at any time can pick up right where the previous missionaries were. It took so much work, and after being here for 6 months it's such an adjustment in my brain to figure out that everyone is in different wards now...!

We also obsessed over a fluffy puppy and had a few photo shoots! Hahaha I really, really love my mission and Sister Fielding is so wonderful to me- I'm very happy!

Keep on keeping on to Christ, everyone!

Sister Clark

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