Monday, May 22, 2017

Can't Take the Trunky...

The temple tours finished off with a bang! It was some real fun, but we're so glad to be back in our area. 

We got transfer calls this Saturday!! Sister Holtermann is leaving me for Star Valley..... I'm going to miss her with all of my soul. I'm really sad, but.... at the same time, I found out Sister Fielding is coming to be my companion and that's super exciting!! :D She's so fun and such a genuine missionary- I can't wait!

Well, the closer I get to the end of my mission, the more people can just sense it I think. The questions have changed from "How long have you been out?" to "How long do you have left?" HOW DO THEY KNOW?! It's so painful to answer, so I just tell them that I've been out for over a year, but when they ask that question of how long I have left there's no escaping it! Argh. It was a rough week in that sense, and I swear that every person in the world was trying to make us "trunky" aka excited to go home...

Let me describe a taste of what this last week at the temple was like- Us sisters, sitting in the Idaho Falls temple bride's room on a special tour before the day starts, President guiding each of us to the mirrors and telling us to prepare now because it's all about the bride on the wedding day. Then they take us to the highest sealing room right under Moroni's feet, sit us down in front of the mirrors of eternity, and President gives a big tearful speech about how wonderful and special it is to be sealed to your sweetheart forever and ever and ever, and the married couples in the room all kiss, and then we listen to a video play all day over and over about eternal families and how it's the whole purpose of life to be together with our families forever............. need I go on? 

I'm so glad to be back to normal missionary work, I don't want to be trunky! Thank goodness I still have time. I just want to proselyte, that's all I want!! I'm so PUMPED to be teaching and preaching again!!!!!!!

I'm going to miss Sister Holtermann more than I could ever say with words, but at the same time I'm excited for this new chapter in my mission. Bring it on!!

Keep on keeping on, everyone!!


Sister Clark

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