Monday, April 24, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple Tours- they're the best!!

We've finished exchanges and now we're on to the real crazy part of the transfer- TEMPLE TOURS!!!! They're going so well already! I've ran into 3 different people I knew from before my mission and it's only been one day, so that's a little weird :O

We have someone new to teach!!! We're really excited, and he seems to want this in his life. J___ grew up Catholic but never really practiced, and he's excited about baptism washing away his sins and having the Holy Spirit with him always to bless his family.

For those of you who are members, go back to the temple often. For those of you who are not members yet, become a member so you can go!! I've been thinking a lot about the solemnities of eternity lately, and what truly matters. It boils down to our Heavenly Father and families.

Well, we're off for another adventure!! :D  Take care!

Sister Clark

(Sister John and I at the temple! She's so cute!)

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