Monday, April 17, 2017

WOW what a good Easter Sunday!!! :D And the rest of the week, too!!!!!

I had the pleasure of going on THE most amazing, productive exchanges I have ever been on during my mission this past Tuesday and Wednesday.

So during MLC this last time, I got a random idea to write down some thoughts for my sisters specifically as MLC went on, kind of like a mini prayer journal for each of them. I started off the meeting with a little prayer asking to know what I could share with each of them on exchanges, specifically, what God may need them to hear.

When I went on exchanges with Sister Costa first, she opened up to me so much and talked, talked, talked... it was really good. She felt comfortable talking about how things are really going and how she really feels, and what she might be struggling with. I felt strongly at one point that I should get out the card that I wrote some notes down for Sister Costa of what I planned on sharing during the exchange, but instead of just bringing up the points without telling her where they came from like I'd planned, I felt like I should just tell her openly about what I did at MLC and give her the card. I had written down, "You ARE a disciple of Jesus Christ. You are a powerful teacher." Sister Costa began to cry, and she told me that was exactly what she'd been worrying about the most, feeling like she wasn't a good teacher or being too bold or not doing things right. She wants so badly to be the best companion and best missionary she can be- I respect her so much. We proceeded to teach 6 amazing, profound, and extremely powerful lessons that day and found a new person interested in learning more about Christ.

THEN with Sister John, the same thing happened. She opened up, talked about her insecurities and her desires to do better, and she told me something she'd never told anyone else that she ignored a really strong spiritual prompting to do something, and she feels so guilty and like she'll have to account for that at the last day. I testified with all my heart of the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ that can cover even that, and then I felt prompted to get HER card from MLC out too. It only read, "You are better than you think you are. You are perfect the way you are." She also cried and we cried together. We also had a day of 5 amazing, powerful lessons taught, and also found a new person interested in learning more about Christ.

Sister Holtermann and I continued the trend of teaching tons of amazing, powerful lessons after exchanges!!! It's awesome!!! So many miracles!!!!!!! And L______ CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! For her first time!! She stayed the whole time too! In that same day, Bishop B_____ told us in our Ward Council meeting that he would set up lessons for us with a potential investigator, and after church a returned missionary from Rexburg asked us to teach his friend and he'd set up those lessons too. WOW!!!!!!!! L_____ also researched her family's history with Brother C______, and she loved it. She's so excited to be a member and she keeps telling us this :D She'll be baptized May 6th, it's so perfect!!!!!!! Right in between the weeks we'll be at the Idaho Falls Temple to help with the tours!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!

We went to Idaho Falls on Sunday night for some training on how to run the tours (most of us had been through the Star Valley open house already so this was all old news haha. They played the exact same video from before to introduce the temple, and we all were whispering the words lol). After the training, we were taken through the temple for our own private tour. It is AMAZING. Wow. At one point, we were taken to a lobby area where we gathered around a HUGE painting of Christ teaching a group of people, and He was painted to look down directly at us as if He were teaching us personally. While we were staring up at the big picture of Christ, I just suddenly had a gentle urge to kneel and say a quick prayer. I didn't want anyone to see me, so when no one was looking I knelt really fast, and stood up with tears in my eyes. It was a 2 second, silent moment that has changed my heart. I love my Savior. I love Him so much. I KNOW that He lives and loves us. I'm very grateful to Him, and I owe Him more than I could ever offer.

Now for a few short stories:

My winter boots are dead and gone now! Worn out in the Lord's service.

One day Sister Holtermann ran towards the horses in the backyard and they ran away of course, because they were scared. LOL she laid down and fake cried. She's so weird, I love her.

Another day we did some rock art. One of them is my rendition of Jubba the Hut, and the other is a pun. Do you get it???

Last Monday we went bowling with a few missionaries- the other elders are scrubs so they didn't make it in the picture. BUT my District Leader is going to help me out and shine my shoes for me for the temple open house, so they've been redeemed!

The other pictures I sent were mostly about the temple and I was reunited with BUENO!!! And Sister ARCHER!!!!!!!! This is my last time seeing them as missionaries before they go home :'( But we'll get together again soon. My time is getting really short, and it's not ok....

Sister Clark

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