Monday, April 10, 2017

Week of Trainings and Study

This week has been slow but action packed at the same time! How, you ask? Well, let me tell ya.
So on Tuesday, as I said before, we had a big missionary meeting for Zone Conference and my poor baby Sister Holtermann helped me with giving my training for everyone- she did AWESOME!! Proud mama moment, no one can tell that she's only been out a few months. She's my hero <3
Then after that, we went to dinner with a sweet, sweet member family and they accidentally poisoned my girl with uncooked chicken... she was down and out for 3 days. 

BUT! In those three days not only did I study the whole time, but I LEARNED. I feel like there's a difference- I didn't just read the scriptures, but I learned about Christ through them. It was so cool!! I also had the opportunity to buy all the Bible Videos on disk and so I spent all my time watching the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ. WOW they did such a great job!! :D I spent all my mornings crying because the Spirit was so strong, testifying to my heart that Jesus truly is the Christ, and His Gospel is the only way back home to heaven.

Then on Thursday we had Zone Training, which Sister Holtermann was a champ and made it through without throwing up, and we had so much to talk about Charity and showing the zone how to have a good companionship and how you can talk things out... we went over time quite a bit, but it was really good!! For being so stressed out about it, all my study time helped me to be at peace and figure out what to share, and then we carried out the training with confidence :D Life is good!!!

I have learned so much this week. Poor L____ wanted to go to church so badly this past Sunday, but she woke up with strep throat and so she didn't make it :( PLEASE pray with us that she'll be able to make it to church soon!!! She's picked her own baptism date and we REALLY want to help her to reach it!!

Some words from our Prophet that really inspired me: "How do we find the Lord? I believe we have to seek Him in simple things.  I believe we have to seek Him in personal prayer.  I believe we must seek Him in personal service.  I believe we seek and find Jesus when we follow His example." ~President Thomas S. Monson

I know the Gospel has been restored!! The power of God through the Priesthood is back after it was lost for so long, but IT IS BACK! It's a HUGE deal!!!! Ask the nearest missionary about it!!!!!
Till next week :)

Sister Clark

1. We were caught in a sleet storm out of nowhere! Bleh!
2. P-Day with the Hermanas!
3. The Mansfields gave us Easter baskets!!
4. A member took us shopping!

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