Monday, May 2, 2016

Breaking my Greenie in... and our car :D‏

So I only have a couple seconds, but yeah so we kinda ruined our car!

Sister Wilson back backing up and the car didn't turn on all the way, so the electricity was running but not the engine, and so that allowed her to shift gears but the brakes and steering didn't work. So she started rolling backwards and ran over the Nelson's fence and started rolling towards a cliff... so I opened the passenger door (because I was backing her like a good missionary!), and I yelled "Get out! Get out!" She jumped out of the car and I jumped out of the way and the door got bent backwards as it rolled over the white-picket fence. 
Because the door was open, it slowed down the car's momentum enough that it stopped 4 feet from going over the cliff. I have a picture of it for next week! Fun times. Sister Wilson and I were hugging and shaking and now we're best buds, 3 days in! Good start to a great transfer :D We'll be walking in our area until our car gets fixed, and it's in the shop as we speak!

Well, everything else is going good in the area- we're working SUPER hard and getting a lot done! I love Sister Wilson so much, she's so chill and yet crazy at the same time :D I love working with her! She's teaching me so much already, and I am SO excited I got to be her "trainer"!

Well, thanks for praying for us everyone! We definitely have felt your prayers all this week. From the miracle with the car to all the new people we're finding to teach, it's extremely obvious that God is working miracles all around us. I love being a missionary!!! And I have LOVED this whole past week!!! :D I'm looking forward to another great one next time!!
Sister Clark <3

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