Monday, March 7, 2016

"I'm walking on sunshine, whoooa..."

This week has been a really good week and very busy in the best of ways :) In the picture, this is when we worked on electric fencing for a cow pasture for a member on our Service Day. Sister Hoffman is gazing off into the distance like a model and I'm like "how does this hammer thing work?" Hahahaha! And by the way, transfer calls came and went and Sister Hoffman and I are staying in _____! Yay!!! I've got another 6 weeks at least to love this area and my wonderful "mom"!

 Sister Hoffman is becoming my best friend on my mission, I love her to death.
For this same member, her horse got out and got itself tangled in some barbed wire and cut its legs, poor thing... glad we happened to be there to help! Apparently the member posted a picture of us with her horse on the Idaho Pocatello Mission page on Facebook. Oh! And while we were trying to contact someone, we found their poor dog all skin and bones and just starving... we had two muffins in our car so we fed them to him, and he scarfed them down in a second. We're saving animals this week as well as souls!
Hehehe and also... we got massages this week..... B) See, a member told us that her less-active daughter was coming to her house on Sunday and we should come too to talk to her and all... her daughter needed 10 hrs of massage practice on her way to getting certified, so we talked about the Gospel and got some free pampering while we were at it..... it was heavenly. Yeah, you should be jealous.

So we started teaching another family this week, we're really excited :) The Robinsons actually called us and said "hey we want to be re-activated in the church, so could you come and teach us the lessons again?" WHOA!! I love their family, they're working on coming to church consistently again so they can go to the temple and be sealed together for all eternity. 
Speaking of eternity, we had our zone training this week and they really, really emphasized the importance of family history, and they even want us to start using it as a door approach. We've started using it more and two separate people we visited this week weren't interested in talking to us at first, but then we asked them about their family history and they opened right up to the point where we exchanged numbers and were invited to come back. One of our investigators who never cries, ended up really emotional in the lesson when we taught him about how he can do those saving ordinances for his family after he's baptized. The Spirit of Elijah is very powerful, I'm really excited to see how else we can better get people excited about family history and geneology work :) Everyone at home, work on some family history this week, even if you only index one name! Family History work is the EASIEST form of missionary work- when you find these people you can take them right to the temple and they'll most likely accept all of their work being done. Trying to get the living to go to the temple is much harder haha :)
Remember how important the small and simple things are- always read your scriptures, always always pray, and going to church is critical because you need to partake of the sacrament. If you stop doing one of these three key things, life is going to be much harder to deal with- and it's hard enough! Focus on the basics and everything else always falls into place one way or another :)
Love y'all!
Sister Clark

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