Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

​I sent home some of these pressed pennies I got, but at a dinner appointment of ours they had a fully functioning souvenir machine from Disney Land! Whoa! They were just like "yeah, it's whatever." I was impressed at least, and Sister Hoffman was so excited she was literally jumping up and down. Also, we were in casual clothes because every Tuesday we have Service Day, and it's kind of my favorite day- we get to do fun projects like painting, and plus, no skirts! YES.

This week we got to go rollerblading too with the ________ ward! YES!!!! It's hard to tell from the picture but this was taken at the rink. It was so much fun, I hope you can tell I was excited!!!! :D Everyone in the area was there and we saw so many of our investigators and so many people we'd been trying to get in contact with. A little 9 year old girl named H_____ is someone in particular we'd been trying to catch with her grandparents at home, and she was there. She skated right up to me and held my hand and we skated together for the rest of the night- yeah, my heart was stolen right out of my chest.
There's a lot of people and kids I'm meeting out here that live in such sad situations. It's been kind of a slap in the face realizing that there's so many people out here that have it so rough- you wouldn't think there would be just from driving through this cute little small town. I didn't at first. What I've been thinking about went right along with the huge service theme in the General Women's Conference broadcast- it was as if they were talking straight to me! I've felt kind of small this week realizing that there is only so much that I can do to help, but I'm coming to see more that what I do have to offer is the Good News, that Christ lives and loves us all. He knows all of us personally- He knows us by name, and He knows everything that goes on behind our closed doors. He is anxious to help us and He misses us- all we have to do is get down on our knees and He can prove to us that He really is right there. 

K_____and J_____ have it rough right now too, and they need Him by their side more than anything right now. K_____ had seizures for 3 days and she's in the ICU, and J____ is exhausted from worry. Please pray with me for them. Their lives are changing the more that they're living the Gospel and they tell us that they're just so much happier when they go to church and read their scriptures- and then hard times hit. But that's just how life goes, isn't it? I can't wait for J____ to get baptized- not because I just want to put a baptism check mark on my record and feel good, but because one year after he enters into that baptismal covenant he and K____ can go to the Temple to be sealed for all eternity. I can't wait for that day when they sit inside the House of the Lord and really feel their God right there with them- I've felt it!
There's so much that's been going on this week that I haven't had time to type about, like my first Zone Conference, just how amazing General Women's Conference really was, our painting project at the H_____'s house, I caught the flu on Thursday (but I'm recovering just fine!), we had a fantastic Easter at the S______'s house and had an egg hunt with them... it's truly been a great week :) I've been really humbled this week too, sometimes it's a little hard to swallow when the Lord tells you to shape up certain things in your life, but at the same time it's been exactly what I've needed. I didn't realize just how prideful I was until the Lord sat me down and said, "Girl, look around you for just a second." And I have been looking more, and seeing more of what I need to do to feed the Lord's sheep in my area. There is so much to do, and so little time! But I'm so grateful I have this time to do what I can!

~Sister Clark     

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