Monday, March 21, 2016

After a while, what do I even put for a title for this week...?‏

Everyone!! Guess what?!?! The Gospel is true!!!!!!!! Really, it is!!!!!!!!!! I love it more and more with every passing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to shout it from the tops of the mountains out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We saw so many miracles this week!!!!!! We also found two and a half investigators as well! We found a girl named S____ walking and we pulled over and asked for directions, and she ended up inviting us over for dinner. Whoa! And then in church we spotted one of the former investigators we'd been trying to get in contact with and got a return appointment with him. Whoa!! For the "half" investigator, we were at our solid investigator's house (T____) and their brother came over with his wife. She said "oh hey, I'd been meaning to find some sister missionaries to teach me, here's my number." Whoa!!! We're still not sure if they want to come to I____ for lessons or meet with the sisters in Pocatello, but it was a really neat miracle all the same :D
Speaking of miracles, J____ and K_____ have finally decided on a date to get married! Yay!! They said it's August 6th....! Not so yay! But we brought up the option again of them just getting that piece of paper in the bishop's office making them "legal", and while at first they didn't like that idea at all, now they're considering it!!!!! THAT is a miracle!!!!! If they do that, Jeff could get baptized this month!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! He's really our favorite, don't tell anyone :D (**I believe Sis. Clark's urgency is so that they are living the Law of Chastity and to help him be worthy to be baptized, not to rush the baptism itself so much**)
Our family history fair is coming along nicely as well, we're really excited about it. We're calling it "The Missing Piece: Where Do You Fit?", and we got our flyers just today! Hahaha and I've fully repented for feeling prideful about thinking Sister Hoffman and I are running the whole thing, because in all reality, the stake is now the real deal putting it on. We've been pat on the head and told to help our individual wards with their own assignments, and I'm actually really relieved that so much of the responsibility has been taken off our shoulders. Delegating is wonderful!!
We had a 24 hr stomach bug this Friday, but we survived and we hit the ground running :) I was only nauseas the whole day, thank goodness, but Sister Hoffman got hit harder poor girl. But like I said, we're all good now! 
I've been reading Jesus the Christ and really tearing the Book of Mormon apart lately... actually quite literally tearing it apart. I've copied Elder Nielsen's idea and started gluing pages of the Book of Mormon in a notebook and really studying it page by page and writing a lot of notes beside the pages. It hurts me as an English major to tear out the pages of the book, even if they're out of the cheap blue ones, but I've learned so many things already, and I'm not even halfway through 1 Nephi! Ah, serving a mission is just so great. No pictures this week because we're scrubs and keep forgetting, but it was a really good week :)

(**Sis. Clark didn't send any pictures but her mother got one from a sweet lady in her area :)  She and her companion helped someone who was ill and cleaned her house for her.)
Love you all!
~Sister Clark

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