Monday, February 29, 2016

Two months out in 13 days!!!!!

No pictures this week, sorry! It's been kinda crazy lately :)
This email will be kind of short, but this week went pretty well! Some days were a little emotionally draining, but overall, I'm working hard and doing my very best. I've worked harder than I ever have this week, and come even closer to the Lord than before. My daily prayers are starting to stretch into 30 minutes of intense and earnest praying, I love it :)
J___ smoked again, poor guy. But we backtracked and re-emphasized the importance of C.P.R., which is Church, Payer, and Reading the scriptures. He seemed to really feel the Spirit in our lesson, and he told us that he needs to get married and he wants to quit smoking really bad. We love him so much and he knows that. He hugged Sister Hoffman- ack! Hahaha but it was really sweet, he loves us too. She kinda stood there like "aaahhh what do I do, I can't turn it away.." Hahaha it was great XD (*It's one of the missionary rules that missionaries can't hug the opposite sex.*)
Oh! So on exchanges I learned a new word- "salty". If you feel irritated but not quite angry, you're just "salty". Hehe I may not be learning a new language but I'm picking up the Idaho lingo. Sister Gilbert is one of my STLs (sister training leaders, like a zone leader), and she is AMAZING. I learned so much on the Tuesday I was with her! I really hope I'll be able to serve with her sometime in my mission, or at least come to be a little like her :) 
Another thing I learned- K____, J____'s fiance, has a warrant out for her arrest.... We were in the car with them looking at wedding venues and apparently they had their brights on, and we got pulled over. This is especially funny since I found out my brother got pulled over this week... hehehe. Anyways, the cop leans over and says, "Ma'am, are you aware there is a warrant out for your arrest?" She goes "Again?" Sister Hoffman and I kinda look at each other like ohmyheckwhatdowedo.
The cop knew them though and let us go with a friendly warning, and K____ explained she just didn't show up for a court date for a ticket on accident, but they took care of it. We won't let her live it down haha :)
Alright well, I'm sending real letters home this week so my family can expect some soon! Love you guys! 
~Sister Clark

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