Monday, February 22, 2016

MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B_______ is SO great!!!!!!​ I'm really, really excited if you can't tell :D Also something I'm excited about....
SISTER HOFFMAN AND I ARE HELPING PLAN A WEDDING!!!! Whoa!! J____ and his fiance K____ live together so they need to get married, and they finally agreed to get married! We're going to do our best with the whole ward's help to get them their dream wedding, and then Jeff can get baptized!!! We reset Jeff's date for March 5th and we're really hoping we can get their wedding going in time, but either way, we're confident Jeff is going to get baptized soon!!!! :D
This week was such a good week. I'm really starting to hear God speak back to me while I pray. I take the time to ask Him something, and then I wait there on my knees and just listen. Answers are just flooding into my brain, I'm amazed. I've never really felt like prayer was truly a "phone call" to God, mostly it felt like I was speaking out my requests and then seeing if I'd find an answer hopefully later in the week. But now, I can literally talk to Him like I'm talking to another person. That's never happened to me before- my mission is really helping me to mature spiritually, where would I be if I hadn't decided to come?! 
So the Pocatello mission is the 2nd highest baptizing mission in the states, which is cool, but it's also a 40 pound mission...... I don't know how I feel about that part....... but I believe it................ One day I had two dinners lined up back to back- I was really worried I was going to explode.... Pray for me guys! I'm determined to stay fit, but my stomach might actually explode if I have two dinners in a row again! (not really mom) :)
Well, on that note, Sister Hoffman isn't going to die either, by the way! We went to the doctor and she is A-ok, just needs a bit of medicine :D I'm so relieved! We're working hard and having wayyyy too much fun a lot of the time, but we're pretty stress free considering how much work we have on our plates, I love it. Haha in our district everyone else has about 18 referrals to go see combined, but Sister Hoffman and I have about 31 of them to contact this week all on our own! People love giving us referrals, there's a TON to do! 
I'm absolutely loving Idaho, everyone, I really am :) They mean it when they say a mission is hard work, but I've never worked so hard at something so worthwhile. I may say that over and over again, sorry, but I really mean it :)
I love you all, and I'm keeping you in my prayers!
~Sister Clark

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