Monday, February 15, 2016

I've officially been a missionary for a month!!!

I forgot my camera card this week, but we didn't take too many pictures anyways. I'll have pictures next week!
This past week was honesty really, really good! We found 3 new investigators, YEAH!!! We have about 23 referrals to go and visit too, ack! Also, we officially set the baptismal date with B_______ for February 20th. She'll be my first baptism ever, I am SO excited! J_____ is doing great too, he's still on track to be baptized on the 27th, and T____ will hopefully knock her smoking addiction so she can make it to being baptized on March 12th. Those are our wonderful people preparing to be baptized, I love them all :D
So one of our new investigators is amazing but also a little intimidating at the same time... We ran into George while tracting, and he is a STRONG Christian. He is super passionate about the Bible, which is fantastic! He's a super polite and nice guy, and he invited us to come back so we could talk about God more (we talked for about an hour when we met him), and he challenged us to read all of John, and he would read all of 3 Nephi before we met again. Wow! Part of me thinks he wants to convert us, haha :) He says he won't believe in the Book of Mormon unless he gets real proof that the Nephites existed like he says the Bible has concrete evidence supporting it, but demanding proof isn't having faith! He's a really kind Bible basher, we're excited to meet with him again :)
Oh, so a while ago at the Nelson's house (that's the members we're living with), I learned a lesson about always being with your companion. They don't have a trash can so they just burn all the garbage, and one day I was doing something and Sister Hoffman took the garbage outside real fast to get it burning. I felt the Spirit tell me to go with her, but I pushed away and I thought, "Meh, it's only for a second, plus I'm busy." A few minutes later she came back in all excited telling me about how she didn't know there was an old whip-cream can in the garbage and it exploded in the fire! My stomach dropped. I was SO happy she wasn't hurt, but I should've been with her just in case something did happen! She thought it was funny how it exploded, but I'll listen to the Spirit much more carefully from now on- it was a good lesson for me :)
Everyone, please keep praying for my companion! She's doing better but we'll go to the doctor soon for her. Something I've noticed- when Sister Hoffman isn't feeling well and sleeps in to rest more, I'm tempted to sleep in too- and while I could do that, it's not good for me. It gets kinda hard to exercise by myself or feel motivated to keep busy when I could just do nothing and no one would care. You can sleep too when your companion is sick, so it really isn't a huge deal, but it's huge to me. When I choose to be lazy when I could be sticking to the schedule and staying on track, the rest of my day is affected. I really need that exercise and personal study time in the morning! Keeping busy makes me happy :) I feel accomplished and motivated and I personally feel the Spirit with me stronger when I do that. Pray for me too that I'll keep doing what I need to do to stay motivated!
That's all for this week :) I love you all and I miss Texas with all my heart, especially when we're having so much fun with all this snow and icy roads... but! I know I'm where I'm meant to be doing what I need to do for the Lord. I've never been busier in my life- literally every minute is planned out in my day- but I've never been happier :D Till next time!
Sister Clark

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