Monday, February 1, 2016

MTC pics and My First Week

First, some pictures from the MTC...

One night Sister Meyers (one of my MTC girls in my district) hid in her laundry bag and scared the goodness out of her companion. Her reaction was priceless, super fun night :) 

Sis Jarvis and I and the Provo temple!

More of our district at the Provo Temple

Now pictures from Idaho below!!!

Sister Hoffman hit her 6 month mark so she burned a sweater!

Sis Hoffman decorated my room for when I came! She's so sweet!  [*Sis. Clark is what we call a "Greenie" because she's brand new to the mission field so that's what the green celebrates*]

Oh my goodness where do I even begin?! I feel like I've lived two lifetimes since I wrote last!
Where did I even leave off...? Well the MTC (Missionary Training Center) was absolutely amazing, my life has definitely changed just from that experience :) It was like every EFY (Especially For Youth) and Girls Camp and whatever else combined into two weeks, times a million. I loved my whole district and I absolutely loved Sis Jarvis (I'd go by Sis Stark with her and convinced a ton of people that was my actual name... hehe). I miss my amazing teachers, Sis Wrubell and Sis Rigby. I miss all of those amazing people a lot... but! Now I have a new district and zone to come to love :)
Update! On Friday at the MTC I got toe surgery! Yay! I had both sides of my big toenail on both feet removed because they were ingrown. I never thought it would be a problem because I thought it was minor, but the doc said it'd be best to get them out. It was really cool to watch the surgery once I couldn't feel it anymore.... :) It was great. I'm still sore but they're healing nicely, and I'm glad I got the surgery because I can already tell there's a difference.

We made it to the mission home safe and sound and my mission president is.... heroic! I don't know how else to describe him. He's like Clark Kent, he just has this superhero air to him. His wife is adorable, she's shorter than me but full to the brim with love. The Hancocks are both so powerful with the Spirit, they're great!!!

We stayed the night at the mission home and then drove to our areas to meet our trainers. I AM SO BLESSED, I got Sister Hoffman!!! She calls me her "daughter", she's such a caring and sweet person! She decorated the room for me when I first walked into the residence and she's so funny and energetic and motivated to teach the gospel. She just LOVES everyone and I love her to death already! We make a pretty good team :) We have a lot of fun as we get the work done, I'm so happy. Funny story- late one night the toilet got clogged and it started overflowing on poor Sis Hoffman. I come in and try to help her clean it all up and she suddenly says "It's Satan! He has control over the water, he's in the toilet!" We nearly died laughing that night, so does that count as a near death experience...?
Ok, on a side note... Idaho is stinking cold.... It's usually around 17 degrees if it's decent outside..... But it's gorgeous, the snow on the mountains is absolutely picture perfect! My area is_____ and we've got around 3 feet of snow here. Woohoo! I'm NOT a fan of driving on ice, and we have a decent sized area with a lot of driveways going up the side of mountains at a nearly 90 degree slope... It's super exciting every time :) (Don't panic mom, we haven't died yet) Toe warmers are my life now!
Already, I have seen miracles out here. I am so blessed. One night we planned for three lessons in our day, but the one for after dinner fell through. At dinner, we were just chatting with the members feeding us when suddenly the husband announces "So I read the Book of Mormon for the first time the other day." What? We asked if he was a convert, and he said he actually wasn't a member but his wife was. WHAT? We were blessed with the opportunity to teach him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (first missionary lesson!) and he committed to pray about the Book of Mormon, and we have an appointment with him again later this week. Miracles! We not only had three lessons that day like we planned, but we met our goal for this week of getting 2 new investigators! The Lord is definitely mindful of every individual, I'm already seeing how much he's looking after me too. 
I love all of the people in _____, every member of the church we meet, every non member, every one of our lovely people investigating the church... I love them all. We have two official baptisms next month, a man going cold turkey on cigarettes and coffee, and little girl getting baptized soon to mention a few of our wonderful people, and plenty of new people I can't wait to get to know :) Pray for the people I meet, ok?! They're so amazing and so inspiring, trying to come closer to Christ, and they teach me so much every time we go over and "teach" them. The Spirit is real, it really does testify to our hearts the truth of all things, and I'm only just noticing how much. I love being a missionary, spreading the word of the love of God to everyone I meet :) I have never been happier forgetting about myself in the service of others.
Thank you so much for supporting me!! I love you all!! Till next Monday :)

Sister Clark

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