Monday, July 31, 2017

"To die would be an awfully big adventure..."

It's been a wild 18.5 months preaching in Pocatello. This is it- I'm officially "dying" as a missionary. It's been amazing, difficult, wonderful, agonizing, joyful, fun, confusing, heartbreaking, beautiful, building.... but all the adjectives in the world I could use about my mission can be summed up in two words: WORTH IT.

Never in my life have I ever been closer to Christ and closer to understanding Him better, and knowing who He is, and who I am to Him. Never in my life have I ever felt more love and appreciation and been more converted with all of my soul to the Gospel of Jesus Christ- so far :) All of the experiences, tears, and prayers have lead me to having more tools in my power to handle life and come out on top no matter what is thrown my way. I didn't just make it through my mission- Christ carried me through it.

I really believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's one true church restored to the earth. I believe that with all of my heart, because Christ Himself was the one to tell me that. I have had so many people challenge my beliefs and knowledge; from pastors and priests to bitter ex-members of the Church, to random people who don't know anything but rumors. Every single time someone tells me that I'm wrong and I need to find the truth, I ask God to help me find that truth, and every time I have been brought back to remembering that I HAVE the truth in my hands already, and that my membership in this church was given to me by God and that this is His church. Every single time I have had a question or a doubt and I have searched it out diligently, I have found my answers because God directly answers honest prayers. Not all of them came quickly, and not all of them have been answered yet, but one thing I know- this Church is God's, and it is right. Everyone deserves to be a part of it, and should be a part of it, and is always welcome with wide open arms to be a part of it. If everyone understood fully what this Church, what Christ, has to offer them, then everyone would be a member already. I have seen that happen; when people come to fully understand what is at their fingertips, then they can't wait to be baptized and they are filled to the point of overflowing with joy. It can happen to you too- whether or not you're already a member of this church, when you truly understand what Christ's Gospel is all about, it fills you with everlasting joy and hope.

I believe in a lot of things I have learned to be true, but there is only one thing that I know for certain- I KNOW God lives and loves me. Therefore, He loves you too. How could He not? I haven't seen Him face-to-face yet, but I know I will someday. I look forward to that day :)

My mission has set me on an epic journey through eternity. It's been a lot like a ramp for my life-now that I'm finished, I'm shooting off on an upward slope in my journey to get back home to my Father in Heaven. I definitely have not reached perfection nor will I reach perfection in this life, but this I know- I can't stop now! I have to keep going, and you do too! Whoever you are reading this, remember that Christ welcomes us with open arms pleading for us to come as we are, but He reminds us that we can't expect to stay as we are. His Gospel is all about positive change, and you best believe that I plan on continuing to change into who He needs me to be!! We can all get there because of His amazing grace, and it starts with the tiniest things :)

I beg of you, give the Book of Mormon an honest chance. Give the Mormon missionaries an honest chance. The Creator of the stars, the seas, and the sands is reaching out to you this very moment. Let Him in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in my time of service. I look forward to seeing you all very soon! We did it! This is the one and only Sister Karoline Clark, officially signing off.

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