Wednesday, July 19, 2017

15 Days until D-Day...

Welp it is official, Heavenly Father is preparing me for my homecoming talk because I am speaking every Sunday this month! We started in the SC ward, then the Spanish Group, next is B______ ward and last one is L_____ ward. I am learning to conquer that fear, and now I'm actually coming to love speaking! So it has been a plus!

But we had an amazing miracle  this morning! Our investigator, A____, texted us this morning and he was apologizing to us because he has been a little distant with us. He said that he has been wanting to be baptized but his father is VERY Anti, so he wanted advice on how he can handle that situation. When we read that we were so happy!! He's thinking about being baptized on the 29th right before we go home, which would be sweet, but whatever happens, I am SO EXCITED for him!!! :D

Last P-Day we went to the Minnetonka Cave, which was so cool, and I was able to take pictures at the resort I went to with the YSA while I was at USU!! So weird to be back as a missionary. I got to see my friend Calianne's parents and they took a mission box home for me which was so sweet and took a lot of packing stress off of my shoulders!

Sister Sanchez and I are working hard and living the life :) I love her so much. We were playing ping pong one day in our apartment and just laughed so hard we were crying- life is so good. I couldn't have asked for a better comp to finish out my mission with!!

PS, that pic of the thermometer is way off, but sometimes it feels as hot as it says...... lol.

Sister Clark

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