Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm Almost Home

I think it's great that today is Pioneer Day (the day the first LDS pioneers made it to the Salt Lake Valley), because I'm about to set out to explore a whole new world... as an RM! (Returned Missionary, for my non-LDS friends)

This past week was great! We went GO CARTING and shopped for Bear Lake tourist stuff :D And this P-Day I got a trim and some highlights! Y'all will have to see it when I'm home :P
A____ is officially ready for baptism on the 5th. He's amazing! We had some great lessons with him! He has so much faith, oh my goodness.

We went with D_____ to a fireside for youth given by Elder Quinton L Cook, one of our church's Apostles. Yeah, like the ones Jesus always had around him in the New Testament... it was a BIG DEAL that Elder Cook was speaking! It was so great- he left a mass blessing on everyone who was there. SO COOL! He announced that he would be shaking people's hands out in the foyer and I stood up (we were in a side room in the church building listening) and I said "YES go, go, go! Let's meet him!!" And.... well, everyone else was still sitting and stared at me... oops! But there's way worse or unimportant things to fan-girl over- I WANTED TO SHAKE THAT APOSTLE'S HAND, DANG IT! And I did :D

I'm packing now, everyone. I'm PACKING. I'm literally trunky- my bags are basically ready to go in the trunk!!

Since I won't chat with people next Monday and basically only email out a goodbye, I'll explain now what this week will be like for me:
Tuesday we have packing and cleaning to do between several appointments. Wednesday we're going to be at the temple all day with the other returning missionaries and our Mission President. I am so excited for that one!! Thursday we have weekly planning to do and progress records, more appointments, and then we're traveling to Pocatello. Friday morning we have our Mission Leadership Council. Saturday we're packing and cleaning and more appointments along with working the Tabernacle Tours! Sunday we have more talks to give, and then.... Monday morning we're in Poky again chilling out at the Mission Home (President's house). Tuesday morning I'm on a plane heading home!!!

Thank you for supporting me through my mission. I love you all and I'm praying for you!

Sister Clark​ 

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