Wednesday, July 12, 2017

22 Days Left?!

I'm sorry everyone.... yes, I do have a countdown going, I can't help it............

This week went so well!!! Last P-Day we went hiking to the P_____ S______ and we also made it to the Ice Caves as a district, which were super neat :D I love having Sister Jarvis in my district- I've missed her!

We had an epic 4th of July- we helped out in the Patriotic Program at the P_____ Tabernacle, as well as the breakfast they had in the morning. I'd never seen so many people in such a small town! At church, it was INTENSE. There was about 1200 people packed into one church building solely so they could take the Sacrament. It was an amazing problem to have! It was so weird to have to squeeze by sideways through all the people standing in the halls.

We were able to watch some fireworks from our porch though! It was pretty decent :D We had 3 different firework shows going on around us from 3 different cities!

I was also able to go on exchanges with Sister Holtermann and Gold this week in S____ V____!!! :D They're so fun, and I've really missed Sister Holtermann! We had too much fun XD So many inside jokes and jamming out to our songs... there's a particularly nasty picture of me that was taken that goes along with one of our songs we'd always listen to from Wicked, the part when she's singing, "Do you see that tragically beautiful girl in the chair in the corner?" HAHA that's me!

We're due for another amazing P-Day today, since we're going to the M______ Cave right after we finish emailing :D I'm going to take some re-creation photos from when I was 12ish and we came here! I am so excited!! We taught some amazing lessons, gave some talks at church this Sunday and they went well.... there's just so much I could say but there isn't time or room for!

Lots of inside jokes in the chalk drawing :)

Well, keep on keeping on everyone! 

Sister Clark

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