Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm staying!!

Transfer calls came and went! I get to stay and finish training Sister Holtermann, and I get to keep going on exchanges with my favorite Hermanas!! We're all staying! But now they're adding in a companionship of sisters to our zone, so now I get to hang out with MORE sisters!!!!! God is so nice to me, I'm so happy! :'D

This week, L____ told us that she believes in the Plan of Salvation and she knows she needs to be baptized, but she's just got a lot of social anxiety about going to church. WE WERE SO EXCITED!!! We told her that she should come with us to watch the General Women's Conference so she could sit in a church for a different program and ease into coming. She was so excited to go! But the night of the broadcast... we were devastated to find that she never came. She didn't make it to church either, like she said she really wanted to. She hasn't been responding to us since, so we hope she's ok....
It was so sad that she didn't make it to feel the AMAZING, powerful spirit that comes from listening to our church leaders and the prophets, but I was grateful to have it reconfirmed to me that I'm in the right place doing the right things and inviting others to join us. It's a good feeling.

Happy Early Easter, everyone!! We were given the cutest Easter dessert EVER <3

This week we taught the Seminary (Bible study) classes for the youth, all day! It was amazing. The YSA elders were there too and set it all up for us- we answered questions, taught truths, and testified ALL DAY to high schoolers. I'm thinking now that being a seminary or institute teacher would be an amazing job.. :)

We pranked our District Leader's car with an inside joke... haha we put Wheat Thins all over their car!

In other news.. the L____ are moving :'( They're out of their house now. But it's ok, we got to say goodbye to them this morning!

Sister Holtermann made it to 2 months!!! Woohoo!!! Two potatoes down!

We have a mission grandma now, Grandma Nelson!! She's so cute!

Well, that's it for now :) I promised some stories, but next week, I'm out of time......
Stay strong! Keep on keeping on!

MOM I DIDN'T TELL YOU!!!!!! J_____ IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON APRIL 8TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was an atheist when I met him my 3rd day in the field! And now he's getting baptized!!! I promised him he would!!! They sent me emails thanking me for helping them!!!!! :'D


Sister Clark

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