Monday, March 20, 2017

Yet Another Fabulous Week in Paradise B)

I'm going to quote Sister Holtermann's email for the story about L_____:

"So last Monday, we met with an investigator of ours named L_____. We were planning on dropping her because she wasn't keeping commitments and appointments, but when we talked to her about it, she just said she was having a tough couple of weeks. So on Monday, we had a lesson with her (my first one with her, by the way), and it was INCREDIBLE! She was finding how the Book of Mormon was speaking directly to her and how she receives answers to a lot of her questions through reading. The Spirit was so strong, I know that she knows it is true. We committed her to coming to church on Saturday night, which she has always been nervous about, and she didn't come on Sunday. *Cries* It was so hard to not see her there! But my goodness; she KNOWS it is true! I know that when she does come to church, she will FOR SURE be baptized. Church answers prayers, y'all. That's why it is so important. Alright, off of my soap box."

Hahaha I LOVE Sister Holtermann- I have a few stories to tell, but next week, since I left my camera at home...

But this was a good week. I think I say that just about every week unless it was really hard, but it really was good. We have amazing leaders, especially our stake president and of course President and Sister Hancock, and we've got MLC coming up again this week which I'm really excited about.... My greenie is a professional, we have our Idaho Falls Temple Open-House pass along cards now that we're handing out to EVERYONE we see, and General Conference is coming up.............. HOW IS MY LIFE SO CRAZY AND YET PEACEFUL AT THE SAME TIME?!?! I'm very, very happy :)
Life is so good when you rely on Christ for everything. It'll all work out. Even the crazy tough times, you'll look back and marvel at how much peace you had in the situation. That's what is happening to me, right now.
Pres. and Sister Hancock (Mission president and his wife)

Pres. Kunz (stake president in the area who texted Sis. Clark's mom late at night to let her know her daughter is a great missionary)

I'm having some amazing experiences with the scriptures, lately. I've been reading the D&C backwards, kinda like a countdown reading a section a day (I'm at 134 days left on my mission today! D: ), and I'm also trying to finish the Old Testament (Ezekiel is cray!), and I'm also trying to read two chapters of the Book of Mormon daily with the topic of Faith in mind..... I am learning so much. I'm AMAZED at how much ties together in all the most inspiring of ways. There is NO WAY a young boy/man could have written the BOM in the time it took to get it published, and there is NO WAY that those words are not from God.

I ponder sometimes what my life would be like if I hadn't been born into "Mormonism". Would I listen to the missionaries? Would I believe this church is true like I do now?

My answer came to me this week- the more I come to know how to speak to Heavenly Father, and how He speaks back to me individually, the more I understand that He's telling me "THE GOSPEL REALLY HAS BEEN RESTORED TO THE EARTH- YOU HAVE IT IN YOUR HANDS TODAY, SO GO AND SHARE IT!" I love it. 

Absolutely, even if I'd never heard of Christ before in my life, when I read the words of the Book of Mormon combined with reading the Bible, I KNOW in my soul that they are of God, and they teach me how to speak to the Most High, and what He wants me to do to be happy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth again today is REAL.

If you don't know it for yourself, or if you're not sure how God speaks to you personally, I challenge you to find out like I have.

Love you all!! Have another fabulous week!


Sister Clark

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