Monday, December 5, 2016

Prepare for a month of miracles...

I cut my hair short! I think I'll go even shorter next time. And I saw B_______!!!!!! My very first baptism!! Her mom moved into my area :D I haven't seen her in months, so it was an awesome reunion!
M_____, was baptized this past Saturday!! She didn't live in our area but we taught her for a bit, and she comes to our ward. The elders technically took over, but she asked us to sing at her baptism and she's already signed up to help us teach! She's been a member for two days- she's so on fire.
I got a Christmas package from the fam this week! :D I picked it up during MLC.
***Mom, I got both of them. So actually, I have to confess, I did open them... you told me I could! But I mainly want to focus on Christ, not on presents this Christmas. It's the only Christmas of my life that I'll do this probably, so I'm taking advantage of it. Sister Jarvis and I are opening our companion gifts on Christmas day/eve but we're focusing on service :) Seriously, if we didn't, we'd be staring at those presents every day..... THE GIFTS WERE ALL WONDERFUL AND NEEDED AND IT WAS LIKE YOU HAD PURE REVELATION AS YOU GOT ME EVERYTHING!!!!! And now I know what to get for Sis Jarvis :D Just as I was thinking about buying more handwarmers and some new tights, poof there it is and now I won't buy extra!!!! Ah, it's just perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! And Sis. Jarvis loves the dictionary so much!! Hahaha it's really funny! XD  And now I get to focus on giving and giving back for the rest of the month!!! :'D 
Also! I really needed that capo actually, I've had two performances to do, one at a baptism and one coming up for the mission talent show, and my old capo died.
We had another amazing MLC meeting- we got on our knees as a mission to receive revelation. I basically cried throughout the rest of the meeting because that moment was so powerful. It really hit me, and reminded me of the power of praying on our knees when we address the most High God.

Another powerful moment- while we were at one of our ward's Christmas parties, at the end it was time for Santa to come out. The bells started jingling and all the kids froze, then Santa came out from the curtains on the stage! Everyone gasped and all the kids were screaming and excited out of their minds. But in all this chaos, Santa knelt down in front of a picture of Jesus Christ they also had on stage. A hush fell through the room, and Sister Jarvis and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes. He stood up and announced that Christmas was really about Christ, and then he proceeded to be Santa again and have the kids come up to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. But I'll never forget the way I felt the moment I saw Santa kneel before our Savior.

Remember the Reason for the Season this year everyone! Keep Christ in Christmas :D

Sorry for the odd pics, I collect pics of strange yard decorations here.... :)

Sister Clark

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