Monday, December 12, 2016

Another week down!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the miracle of snowflakes? God is such an artist. I'm loving the snow! 

This week was awesome. We were really, really worried about K____- we were thinking he was going to drop us in our lesson on Monday, because he just wasn't praying to know if what we were talking about was true, so we were wondering if he really wants to keep going at all with learning more.
A convert named F____, the most epic man in the world all tattooed up and blunt with people and refuses to fit in the cookie cutter Mormon expectations- he came to our lesson with K____ and started crying as he bore his testimony. I've never seen K____ listen so closely or nod so much. He talked about a lot of concerns we'd never been able to get him to tell us about, and F____ said he had all the same concerns back when he was investigating the church. K____ told us that he'd been thinking about quitting on us, but then hearing F____'s testimony changed everything. In the prayer at the end of the lesson, K____ told God that he was glad he was shown that there really is something divine about all this, and that we hadn't given up on him.
I just BAWLED. It may have scared K____ a little or made him think I was struggling, but I was so grateful for F____ and for K____'s testimony in the prayer. I was so worried about him, but he'll be ok.

We fasted and prayed as a mission to reach our goals this month, and I felt very seriously that I could reach those goals. But then two of our baptism dates dropped us and D____ is really struggling giving up smoking so he may not make it to baptism this month like he wanted... I was starting to doubt my faith. I fasted for help getting these people to the waters of baptism, but.... everything was going wrong! What was I doing wrong? Was I doing something to lose God's trust?

On Sunday Sister Jarvis was sick, and that gave me a chance to really study and slow down to pray a lot. I recommitted to doing my best and prayed for more faith, and I committed to reading my scriptures instead of playing guitar or something when I had some free time.
The phone rings and it's one of our bishops, letting us know that a man came to church today and announced he's ready to be baptized. Then we get a text from another bishop telling us that another family came to church and they want us to come over and teach them the discussions.
That's what I learned this week. Even when you have no idea how this will all work out, and logically it seems like it's impossible to reach your goals, TRUST IN THE LORD. Even if you only have a particle of a desire to have hope. He will take care of you.
Helping a member, who is recovering from surgery, put her tree back up after it fell over.

Sister Clark

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