Monday, October 24, 2016


Next Monday I'll be in ______ watching the Cokeville Miracle as a mission and then having a Q&A with Ron Hartley, the main character in the movie. I'm super excited but..... WHERE IS TIME GOING?! Geez. Everything they tell me is true- once you're halfway through with your mission, the rest flies by in a blink.

This week, we've adopted 12 guppy fish! K____ was getting evicted, unfortunately, and so he was like "here, take my fish". So we were like "sure." I'll have to send a picture next week! Especially since now we only have 11 fish... better get that picture soon. We're not good at keeping fish...

Also this week, K____ came to church!!!! YESSS!!!!! That's the hardest thing to get people to do! It was the Primary Program and everything- hearing the children sing and hearing their sweet simple testimonies was so powerful.

L_____ is my favorite less-active lady in the universe. Last week we challenged her to pray to know if God was there and if she's truly watched over and cared for (she deals a lot with depression and self-harm), and when we came this week she was HAPPY!!! She was making jokes, laughing, her face was bright... we asked her what was going on, and she said she took the challenge- then she starts to cry. She told us about how she felt while she prayed all this week and how comforted she's been. A court battle went bad fighting for custody of her kids, but she was still upbeat and positive and knew that things were going the way God wanted them to. Now, she's going to come with us to teach other people!!!! We're so excited :D So many good lessons were taught this week.

This week was also super great because I got a package!!! All the way from my best friend in Ghana!!! Woohoo! It's the most beat up beautiful thing in the world. Next to my Preach My Gospel book, it's falling apart... haha!

So this month I started the Book of Mormon over again from the beginning, on October 1st. I'm in Alma 43 now, and I'm hoping to finish by the 31st!!! It will be the 4th time in my life reading through the book- I'm so excited. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

Favorite random quote: "Coincidences are miracles in which God wishes to remain anonymous." ~some wise soul

To explain one pic, we were "Boo-ed" by some neighbors- Halloween traditions are super fun :D I'm really looking forward to the holidays, even if the time passing by so fast is trippy!

Love you all! Keep on keeping on! Hold true to the faith. *mic drop*


Look at my comp, she cute!
Sister Clark

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