Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Idaho!

It was a dark and stormy night.......

Jk. The weather has been beautiful out here!! I love Fall :D It's my favorite season and everyone is giving us pumpkin EVERYTHING. Life is good.

Speaking of food, I saw a miracle this week. On Saturday, I woke up throwing up and feeling super nasty, but that night a member called our parents and asked us what our favorite meals are, and then she brought me my favorite meal and cake on the day I was feeling my worst!! I felt like my momma was right there with me, and I just cried. God is good- He orchestrates even bringing us our favorite foods when we feel down.

So our fish are missing... some horrible, terrible murderer stole them away and dumped the bodies in the canal... Geez, people go crazy on Halloween...

Speaking of that, actually there's been real life horror stories going on. We found a strange House of Dolls and I included a pic of what was in the window..... what in the heck............. and lately there's been a lot of people dressed as clowns threatening kids at schools around Pocatello. I HATE CLOWNS. Geez. Scary stuff is happening around town....

K_____ came to church on his own, for the second time in a row!!!! We're so excited for him. And we keep finding a ton of people to teach- how is God so good?! :D We had our MLC meeting this week and I learned a lot- I'll talk more about that next week because I'm so excited to put it to the test and see miracles stem from it. Just remember- Faith=Action.

Love you!!

Sister Clark

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