Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello again, world!!


OK, now I'm done.

But really, I'm back in action and I love it. We're teaching and preaching and on our feet all day again. YUSS.

We saw a miracle with D_____!! We took a girl preparing for her mission, M_____, with us to teach him one day and Sister Bueno and I were giving her the low-down on him, and being super negative. We were saying things like "bet you $10 he hasn't prayed like we asked him to, again..." 
We walked into the lesson and the first thing D_____ says is "hey! I have a story for you girls." So we sit down and he starts telling us about how he was reading in the Book of Mormon every day (wow) and started quoting 1 Nephi to us (wow!) and then he said he prayed specifically about the LDS religion and asked God if this was the one he needed to be baptized in (WOW!). He told us about how he received a burning in his chest and just this huge sense of peace and determination to go forward........ MESSAGE RECEIVED. HUMBLE PIE EATEN.
He's working hard now to get to baptism, and quit smoking and get to church! He gets the Gospel and he loves it. But the coolest thing is how he prayed about joining the church- he said he asked Heavenly Father how he could help other people, and his answer was to join the church and be baptized to help himself, and then he could help others more. He's 100% on board because he's so excited to get a calling and serve and teach....... WOW. 

We also ate dinner with the T_____ who invited their friend over, a less active member of the church looking to come back and get her life in order so she can help her 7 year old daughter not make the same mistakes in life that she made. We shared the Because He Lives video with her and testified of how much God loves us and how like in the story of Alma's people when they were made slaves to the Lamanites, the Lord may not necessarily take our burdens away but He can make them light, as if we can't even feel the burdens on our backs. She was crying, we were crying, and we'll start teaching her and do the best we can to help her get back on track :)

Side note- one of our dinners this week was really interesting. We show up and everyone is running out of the apartment among fire alarms and billowing smoke. We were like "umm.... is this the V_____'s house...?" It was them XD They let their 9 year old put the pizza boxes in the oven to keep them warm, and he put the breadsticks directly on the element, so that caught on fire in like 5 seconds... it was great! Pizza wasn't burned though, so it was all ok :)

We also saw K____ again for the first time in a while! He's so humble and really needs God back in his life he tells us, and he's excited to read more in the Book of Mormon. We'll see him again this Sunday. We're so excited for him!

Last but not least, I have news about transfers. Sister Bueno is heading out to cover the Young Single Adult stake over at ISU campus, and I'll be training Sister Jarvis how to be a Sister Training Leader. SISTER JARVIS IS MY NEW COMPANION!!!!!! For those of you who don't remember, she was my MTC (missionary training center) companion!!! My very first one, but only for 13 days. I love her!!! I'm so excited!!!! :'D It's funny though that they expect me to teach her what to do as an STL.... hahaha we didn't have exchanges this past transfer because of the temple stuff going on and overcoming the plague, etc. So we'll both be figuring this out together. We're going to Crush this!!!!

I sent a random pic of a few of my fellow MLC peoples (missionary leadership council). Keep on keeping on, y'all!!
Sister Clark

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