Monday, July 18, 2016

Officially 1/3 of the way done...!

I hit my 6 month mark on the 13th, ack! It was fun though, we got to burn a scarf in honor of me surviving this far, haha :)
On Monday, I was struggling. I was tired, I was feeling bleh, and I didn't want to go out and work. But I said a mental prayer and told Heavenly Father that I would do my best, because I'm not here for me. So we went out to work.
We felt prompted to go and see K_____, who hasn't been home in a while. We went and... no one was home. We tried to see 4 different people, and no one was home. I was feeling discouraged and had Satan in my ear the whole time, telling me to give up and go home to sleep. But at the same time, the Spirit whispered "Look around, you're in this area for a reason."

I looked around, and there was a trailer tucked away in the corner of the street, and the Spirit said "Go there!" So we did, reluctantly, and knocked on the door.
The lady who answered lit up in a huge smile and said "So you must be the new sisters!! We've been waiting for you to come back around! When can you come back this week?"

That. Never. Happens.

Turns out, that family had been taught before, but with transfers and them moving, they lost contact with the missionaries. She's a recent convert and her kids were taking the lessons, and they were excited we found them again.
Only the Spirit could have directed us like that to them. Miracles happen every day.

On Sunday, we were bummed out because we missed going to 8th Ward's services the week before (one of the four wards I cover), and that Sunday was the testimony meeting we do once a month. We were in the urgent care with Sister Bueno's spider bite so we missed it, and we missed out on bearing our testimonies. But this Sunday, in the last 10 mintues of the service the Bishop of the ward stands up and says "Sisters, we'd like to put you on the spot and have you share your testimonies with us!" One of their speakers had left early and they needed something to fill in the time. Tender mercy of the Lord!!

Another really cool miracle happened to us just last night! This was a little bit of a scary one though!
We had gotten in our beds and we were just chatting and trying to get to sleep.. for hours and hours... neither of us could get comfortable. Finally it's midnight and Sister Bueno gets up to get some water. Suddenly I hear "Sister Clark! COME OVER HERE!" So I get up and rush over, and as it turns out, we had left the oven on! For hours!!!
The whole kitchen was really hot and the oven was absolutely scorching. We got it turned off and everything was perfectly fine, and we sort of stared at each other in shock for a bit. Sister Bueno felt prompted to get up and get water, which was really random, but when she did she noticed the oven on. The Spirit kept us awake and prompted her to get up so we could get the oven off. If we had just been able to go straight to sleep, we would've slept straight through the night and our apartment could've caught on fire.
But we were guided and protected!!

I know that Heavenly Father looks out for us more than we realize. He's very aware of our situations and what we need, and I know He protects us. Listen to the Spirit, everyone!!!
This is how I found Sister Bueno after a lunch break nap... haha!
A member took the sisters to the grocery store last P-day and sent me this pic :) Mom

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