Monday, July 25, 2016

Another week of miracles. Am I surprised? NOPE. Because God loves us.

Hey everybody! So this has been such a crazy week of miracles.

This week, we went to talk with a girl who had taken the lessons before with other missionaries, but stopped for some reason. Her name is T______, and she's 15. We knocked on her door and she and her mom came out, and her mom said "Hey! You know, I think T______ is ready." Sister Bueno and I glanced at each other, thinking ready for what...? Her mom then says, "I think you're ready to get baptized hon, what do you think?" T______ was like "Yeah! Woohoo, let's do it before school starts on August 22nd!"
Our reactions looked a bit like the whole "deer in the headlight" saying. Wow. We weren't ready for that one, but can she get baptized before school starts? OF COURSE YOU CAN YOU MIRACLE CHILD!!!

Also, a woman in the ward called us one day and said "Hey, so my daughter is 9 years old and has autism and a morbid fear of water, so she hasn't been able to get baptized until now. But now she's practicing being in water with swimming lessons, and so... could you come teach her a little bit? We want her to get baptized before August 8th."

Another miracle. Also, one of our ward mission leaders called us and let us know that he had a full family for us to teach next week, and since the guy wants to marry the less active girl and they're hoping to get to the temple, it sounds like he'll be golden!!! So many amazing opportunities have fallen into our laps, which has been awesome, because half of this week we were down with the stomach bug. MIRACLES!!!!!

Heavenly Father really does watch out for all of His children. Seeing miracles like this so much more, mostly because now I'm looking for them, has been the biggest blessing to me from being on a mission. I love every second of it, even the hard ones, because at the end of the day, I'm HAPPY. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, restored to the earth again, makes you happy. I promise you this confidently :)

Till next week! 
Sister Clark

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