Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to Snowmegeddon

GEEZ we've been dumped on with snow! We get stuck about 7 times a day (I'm not exaggerating, I counted), it's so hard to drive even on the plowed roads here!

I miss C_____ a lot, but I was able to say goodbye to a lot of people and say hello to a lot of new ones here :D B_____ has like 7 people who could be baptized within a month or so that we know of already that I'm so excited to work with! It is BEAUTIFUL out here, even with all this crazy snow.

(Sister Clark doesn't know this, but this wonderful family, who watched over her while she was sick for about 2 months, is surprising her tomorrow night for her birthday and taking her out to dinner and giving her our birthday package to her!)

 (Sister Clark didn't say who this lady is with her above...)

It was kinda crazy though, because transfers were delayed a whole day with all this snow. President called Sister Jarvis and I in to the office to help keep the new missionaries busy and give trainings and help them get motivated to work.... once the snow calmed down at least! Sister Jarvis and I adopted our newest sister addition to the mission for a day- Sister Ziegler is going to go far :) And she's going to my "birthplace" in I____ with Sister Jarvis' greenie, Sister John! They'll crush it!

So... I'm turning into an adult tomorrow..... I don't know what to do................. to be 20 and to lose the "oh I'm just a teenager" excuse will be brutal..... haha just kidding, but I'm excited to be with one of the coolest missionaries EVER for my B-Day! :D Sister Archer is way awesome. We keep pillow-talking until 12am, we're always so exhausted, but it's been fun. She's been through a lot in her life, but she's so strong. She's the perfect mix of hilarious spunk and diligence, in my opinion. Plus, the members we live with are super fun- they gave me a "Clark Bar", woot! I'm looking forward to an amazing year and an amazing time in Blackfoot!
Sister Clark and Sister Archer

Sister Clark

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