Monday, January 16, 2017

Recommitting to My Mission

This was another really good week! I LOVE Sister Archer- she's one of my best friends already. I can literally tell her anything, and we get along so well. We play hard and goof around but we also work really hard.

We had one of the best companionship studies I've ever had this week. We were talking about faith, and about how numbers and baptisms and goals and all of that really don't matter in the long run, but what matters is our personal conversion that we've gained from our missions. We talked about how we can ask Heavenly Father for miracles and how our faith/obedience play a part in that... and then we realized that more than us, a THOUSAND times more than us, Heavenly Father wants to see His children succeed. He wants His children to be baptized and have faith and to get back to Him so badly- it's why He exists, it's what He's working for constantly, to see us return home. If we have the same desire He does, how could we possibly fail at what He wants us to do?

Sister Archer and I have a righteous desire- we really REALLY want to help this area succeed. We want to see success and to help people. That's what Heavenly Father wants too! However many baptisms we see, however many lessons we teach, that's not what matters. But what matters is that we do God's will, and all He wants is to help us as we're trying to help Him. We CAN and we WILL see a ton of success in this area! Not for bragging rights, but because that's what we've been called to do, to help people come unto Christ! I want this, and I want to help and to see miracles because it brings me joy. We have the Lord of Hosts behind us- as we go out and do our very best, following every prompting and being diligent, I know we'll have the righteous desires of our hearts granted to us. I'm so excited!!

And then, right after this amazing hour of studying and talking with Sister Archer about how we'll do this, and how we'll help people and convert ourselves even more.... immediately we both felt tired. We both felt lazy. It was so hard to get up and go after lunch break. It was so easy to wish we were taking a nap, or counting the minutes to dinner, to dilly dally because we didn't really want to knock on a stranger's door... Satan is real. We feel like he understands our potential and he's working at us really hard to make us do anything except get out and talk to people.


We're already finding a lot of success, gaining the trust of our members, and we're finding JOY as we work. I've never felt so motivated and recommitted to my mission. I've never felt so much before that I really do know God personally, and that He loves me and is looking out for me. Sister Archer has such a solid testimony of Him and His love that when she talks about Him, it's so simple and so sweet and full of honest love, not just lip-service. All the time she says "I miss Heavenly Father. I miss Jesus. I can't wait to see Them again soon." It's so powerful, and it's a huge example to me!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY FOR CHRIST!!!!! When I wake up every morning and tell Heavenly Father that I'm going out today to knock doors and teach lessons and even exercise and study for Him, because I love Him and no other reason, then my day is AWESOME. I challenge you all to do the same!!!
The picture with the little girl is the granddaughter of the people we live with. She was so cute, and she did nightly planning with us! Aka, she colored while we planned!

I'm pretty good at making faces that make Sister Archer laugh. She just can't keep it in, she busts out laughing- I love this chick!

(Here are some pics some members of the church sent for Sis. Clark's birthday celebrations)
 Making her birthday wish

 Her birthday package from home with lots of miscellaneous things

 Family reunion shirt

Members from her last area drove up to take her out for a birthday dinner and delivered her package from home.
Another surprise birthday celebration from the members they currently live with!

Love you! Praying for you!

Sister Clark

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