Friday, September 30, 2016


Star Valley is beautiful!!! The drive up here was so fun- we stopped two different times to take pictures of the trees in all their fall color splendor. We were singing, eating food, enjoying the good weather and the journey... road trips as an adult are actually pretty great :D

We're staying with some members of the church here in Wyoming, and we love them. The Browers are so good to us! Even though they live in _____, 35min away from Afton where the temple is, they make the drive every day worth it :) They give me hot chocolate every night they're home and talk to us like they're our favorite grandparents- what's not to love?
Working the temple tours is CRAZY. It's so busy, and even when it's not busy, we still have a steady stream of people going through at all times. That's what we want, so Star Valley is doing very well!

What I do here is very simple- I stand and greet people, joke around with them, ask where they're from or how their tour went, and answer any questions if people approach me with them. The temple tours are strictly a proselyte free zone, which is a different adjustment! We wait to talk about the Gospel until they ask us about it. But I've had the chance to talk with two people now who've gotten emotional and were moved by the Spirit that's already in the temple walls even before it's been dedicated. Those were some cool experiences. Then we also run the videos they show to people before they go on their tour.
There's a few people who get cranky when I can't answer their questions! Like, why Moroni is facing west or why is the temple not completely white- I don't even know which way is north! Yikes! But those are fun to talk to as well- I'm learning so much about how much I don't know. I have a lot to study up on, and I'm excited.

On Sunday, Sister Bueno and I went on a hike in the Brower's backyard and she took some awesome pictures of me. She didn't want her picture taken though, so it turned into a Sister Clark photo shoot.

And, at Taco Time later in the week, we met a couple who's kids survived the Cokeville miracle! I don't have much time to talk about that, otherwise I'd say more! It was really neat hearing their story from their mouths.

Missions are learning curves on steroids but being on a mission AND helping with these tours is a learning curve times a thousand! Wow! More on that later though! I'll be back on Monday :)


Sister Clark

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