Monday, September 19, 2016


I'm back to 100%!! I'm healed!!!!!!! I CAN BE A MISSIONARY AGAIN!!!!!!!
It's so exciting.
My companion is still working her way up to my level, poor thing. On Friday night we took a trip to the ER so they could pump 3 pints of fluid back into her system- she was severely dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. But now she's up to 95% and doing much better! President Hancock gave us both blessings and promised us by the power of the priesthood that we wouldn't suffer from any lifelong effects from this illness- that was something I'd been worried about, but without even ever voicing my fears, God spoke through His servant and set my mind at ease. Priesthood power is real, and it works.

This Wednesday we had Zone Conference- my first giving a training in front of President and the APs as an STL (Sister Training Leader)!! So scary. But we followed the Spirit. It was really powerful to have sort of an out-of-body experience as I talked, because the words coming out of our mouths weren't what we planned on and yet it all flowed and made perfect sense because the Spirit was directing our training. It was amazing. We talked about the weekly planning session we do as missionaries to prepare the outline of our lessons and such for the next week and plan for baptisms and such. It's a great opportunity to really ponder what we can do for our investigators and what they need. For 3 hours, we get to pray and plan for our people on this day of the week. We talked about the importance of the steps of weekly planning- first you pray to align yourself with God and what vision He has that you may not have for your investigators. After you talk with the Father about what He would have you do, then you plan and take careful consideration into what you'll do. Then you act. We talked a lot about the Brother of Jared like I mentioned a while back, and how he prayed and planned and then acted and saw a miracle- he saw the hand of God. We can also see the hand of God in our lives if we follow these steps seeking after a miracle.

To put it simply, pray as if it all depends on the Father, and then act as if it all depends on you.

I applied this to myself- I did a mini Mission Planning session. I prayed, I planned out who I want to become and what I hope to accomplish, and then I broke it down into steps I need to take this week to work up to my goals. It was really valuable. I encourage everyone to do this for their lives- God helps those who take the time to bring Him a plan, and then do what they can to help themselves. I'm seeing it in action right now- I'm still learning how to apply this to my life :D but it works.

To quote Sister Bueno's quote: "Going on a mission is not the best thing you'll ever do in your life, but it's the best thing you can do for your life."

I know that's true. I'm learning so much from every day, every miracle, and yes every trial :) I'm learning how to learn from God. I'm so blessed.

Another blessing is that I am privileged to help with the Star Valley Temple open-house tours in Wyoming before they dedicate the building. Yesterday, all the sisters in the mission went to Star Valley and we were trained more on what they want us to do, and then we were given a private tour just for us!!! It's GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness. I'm especially excited because even just standing in the Celestial Room, looking all around us and being quiet, I felt the Spirit so strongly testify to me of eternal families and just how much God truly loves all of us, individually. It was hard not to cry. It's such a spiritual place even when it isn't dedicated- SO MANY PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL THE SPIRIT IN THAT HOLY PLACE. I cannot wait to be there in the reception area after the tours and help people with their questions or even just to ask how it went. Miracles upon miracles will be seen from these tours in so many people's lives.

This week I'll be in Star Valley from the 23rd to the 30th. That means I'll be over there during a P-Day. That means I may not get a chance to email next week. That means, don't freak out because I'm alive and I do still love you and I'll just have to talk to you the week after!! ;D
(Love you, mom!)

I'm looking forward to an amazing week next week. I haven't even been able to talk about all the blessings I've seen from this past one- Dalton came to our Stake Conference where we heard Elder Golden from the 70 come and speak, we're getting a new stake president, other investigators we know will be coming to see us in Star Valley for the temple, oh and did I mention I'm healed? B) So many great things have been happening.

I love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers- I have felt them for certain :)

Sister Clark

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