Monday, September 5, 2016

E Coli? Nope. Not that either..... and so it continues...

Is it Giardia? Nope. Is it E Coli? Nope. Is it C-Diff? NO ONE KNOWS. Hahaha it's been an adventurous week at the doctor's, sitting around, running full speed to the bathroom, sleeping, eating food.... yeah, it's been really busy. So busy in fact, that I don't have much to write about this week.

I do know one thing though: one small decision can change the course of your life. Whether that's just taking a sip from a stream, or going to just one party, or just cheating on that one stupid test that really doesn't matter that much, right? I'll refer you to our prophet President Monson's talk from this past General Conference titled "Choices". He says the rest perfectly.  Choices talk

One thing that did happen this week is that I gave my first training (like a talk) at Zone Training this week! I talked about the scripture in the Pearl of Great Price in Moses 3:5, and I focused on the line talking about how all things were created spiritually before they were naturally on the earth. God always starts with a plan and then uses His power to reach the goals He has set. Planning, goal-setting, having vision and organization has been the pattern of God from before the beginning of time. Whether it's making a plan for your day, or making a plan for your life, do all that you can and then take what you came up with to the Lord. Like how the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon needed to figure out to have light in the barges they built as they went across the sea; he cut several stones from the mountain and took the time to make them clear and glassy- he put as much effort and time as he could into what he could come up with. Then he took those stones to the Lord and asked Him to make more of his idea than what he could do on his own. That's when the finger of the Lord came down and touched the stones, and they gave light in the barges so the people could see as they crossed the ocean.

When you put time and effort into your plans and then take your "stones" to the Lord, that's when miracles hit, after everything that you can do. I've seen that for myself. The Lord helps those who help themselves! So let Him into your life, and I can promise you that you'll start to see miracles and blessings pouring into every aspect of what you do or hope to do and become. Make a plan today of how you can improve and then ask the Lord for His help, and He WILL help you!

Whale, that's it for this week. *confetti*
Love you all! Keep on keeping on :)
~Sister Clark

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