Monday, June 13, 2016

I put the Pro in Procrastination.‏

Sooooo I waited until the last minute to send out a mass email.... sorry! But I do have pics to send!

Sister Wilson and I were given some sparkling apple cider from S____ on the night she said she wanted the discussions, so we've been celebrating!

We had a mission meeting and we all got to shake Elder Christoffersen's hand!!! It was so intense to hear the testimony from an Apostle of the Lord. While there, I met someone named Elder Clark! And we've both lived in Utah! We're probably related, we figure. Maybe.
Also, I took a pic with all the missionaries from Texas I know. There's more out there, but we had a "Texas-is-awesome" meeting in the gym. It was super fun! 

Next Saturday I find out if I'm staying in the Pocatello mission, or if I'm going to the new Idaho Falls mission. Pray for me! I'm nervous but also super excited. I'm excited for whatever lays ahead, but if I go to the new mission I'll have a mission president greener than me... It'll be awesome.

Love you all!

Sister Clark

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