Monday, June 6, 2016

A short one

This has been yet another FANTASTIC week! :D So many miracles. 
My favorite one this week: a lady we do service for every Tuesday, who's super Catholic and hasn't been interested in the past, asked US for the discussions this week. We felt prompted to go see her out of the blue- we were like 8 miles away- but we went all the way back into town and knocked on her door. She opened it and immediately started crying. She told us that she'd been frustrated with her health and so she was praying to know if "all this crap was true" and that if this was the direction she was supposed to go, then she wanted the Lord to send the "missionary girls" over within an hour. Then we showed up at her doorstep in that allotted time! She told us to pencil her in for Tuesday as soon as we can, and thanked us again and again. Obedience and really listening to the Spirit lets miracles happen, I believe it more and more the more I see it happen. Hearts really do change! I'm so happy to be a missionary. 

I read the talk the "Fourth Missionary" and I re-committed to giving ALL of my might, mind, strength, and especially my heart to the Lord. Also, I asked the Lord to take all of my sins, all of my heart, everything... I don't understand how, but I've been able to handle every temptation thrown my way. Even simple ones like the temptation to sleep in. I've been helped so much, and I've been doing FABULOUS. I'm so happy. And I've been able to feel the Spirit more and more, and see more miracles.

Being on a mission is the BEST!!!!! I love you all!!

Till next week :)

Sister Clark

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