Monday, April 11, 2016

One intense week!

This week has been pretty crazy, let me tell you. To just give you an idea of what's been going on these past seven days....

I was cussed out, flirted with and then cussed out, called a fool, bore my testimony to someone and they told me I was just a dumb 19yr old who didn't know anything, and G_____ and another girl A_____ told us that they didn't want to meet with us anymore, and A______ and H______'s grandparents cussed us out at the door and told us to go away... it was super sad...
Is it any coincidence that all of this crazy stuff happened right after General Conference week? Nope. It always seems to be like this- when you start doing something really good, something bad tends to follow it and try to bring you down, like when you try to eat healthy and you do really good for a week and you're feeling great, but then next week you have nothing but parties and temptations all around you to eat unhealthy... sort of like that! :) 
We promise our investigators even, that as soon as they start reading the Book of Mormon and trying to change their lives around for the better, that's when they'll have even more temptation and trials because Satan doesn't want them to continue down this path because it's the right path. Just look at all of what the early pioneers went through. So although this week has been the roughest week of my mission so far, as far as rejections go... it's almost odd how happy I've been this whole week, despite all these things piling together to try to bring me down. To try at least :)
For example, we found around 5 new people to teach! 5 of them!!!! Every single one of these people was a miracle to find as well. One girl was just riding on her horse on the side of the road and we stopped and talked to her and she said she's been meaning to try out church for a while now, and poof, there's someone new who wants to hear from us! We've met or exceeded our goals nearly every day, and we're still on fire. Sister Hoffman and I are still having a ton of fun together, and we've started eating lunch outside almost every day now because it's finally getting warm enough. We jump on the trampoline outside for exercise in the morning now, it's so wonderful! It lets our inner toddlers out for the day :)
I also got my guitar this week, THANK YOU MOM!!!!!! I am sooooo happy about that!!!!! 
I almost feel weird not feeling sad about all the rejection we had... of course it's a sad thing to be turned away and it's never fun to get cussed out in front of little kids, but we've kept our heads up with ease. We were even laughing within 5 minutes about the sad stuff, and it's like nothing can bring us down right now. I really think it's the Spirit of the Lord with us, because the fruit of the Spirit is talked about in Galatians 5:22, and it's all about being meek and humble, etc :) The fruit of the Spirit is also manifested in a smile!!! And to be Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal, S.M.I.L.E.!!!!!! How can we not be happy proclaiming the Good News to the world?! It's the BEST news!!! And if you feel like you're not sure what that good news is all about, shoot me an email! Go to or, or even better yet, flip open a Book of Mormon and really read it, and ask Heavenly Father if it's true. He WILL answer you, and I promise you, it is nothing but good news :)
Till next week!
Sister Clark

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