Monday, February 13, 2017

BIG Changes Coming My Way!!

I've gotten the call to train a new missionary!!! :'D I've wanted to train again for SO long, and I'm so excited I get the chance now!! And of course, God and President Hancock love to throw in little twists to life I never saw coming- President has asked that I also stay a Sister Training Leader but to be a solo flyer as I train. "Adventure is out there!!"

The only problem is that I'm losing Sister Archer... I only had the chance to spend one transfer with her.... I'm really sad. It's not enough time, but, she's also going to be training in Soda Springs, and we know this is what needs to happen. I'll end my mission only two transfers after her, so you best believe we'll be reunited soon enough! It'll all be ok :)

It was an odd tender mercy to be sick all this week too... in a way Heavenly Father gave us more time together before we'll be separated this Wednesday haha!

N_____ is going to be baptized this next Saturday!! His interview went great yesterday and he is all ready to go :D We are so excited for him!!! 

With all the warm weather we've been having (yup, now I'm an Idahoan so "warm" is 38 degrees...), all the snow has been melting really fast. Considering how much we've gotten this winter, it's been a problem. We had some flooding and we stayed up late one night helping the members we live with sandbag their house, but we didn't end up getting any water in the house so that was a miracle. It was like we had a big bubble around the house protecting us!

This has been another fantastic week, everyone! Thank you so much for always being there for me! Look forward to another email next week full of even more adventures! :D

Sister Clark

Sister Archer chilling by the fireplace when we were sickos

More flooding!  It was what I made in the yard when I found out Sister Archer is leaving me


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