Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Week in Paradise- aside from the bi-polarness of everything

This was one bi-polar week! Yeesh! 

Concerning the weather, we went from flooding to really sunny days, and then suddenly we had a blizzard and got 4" of snow in a day. The next day it was super sunny, then it downpoured rain, and then it snowed again all the next day and we got another 6" or so. And THEN, it was sunny, rained for an hour, back to sunny, then snow and screaming wind, then back to sunny.......
This is too much for my body to handle! Whoa! 

And then, we saw some epic miracles followed by sadness, all in a row. I think God is making sure everything is balanced out right for us, or something.

So on the snowiest day we had, we realized after a long time of proselyting that we didn't have the phone... it was just gone. We figured we dropped it in the snow somewhere at some point and didn't hear it fall. That's all our contacts, our everything, lost somewhere in a snow-pile as snow-plows make their rounds through the streets constantly.... We said a prayer, followed some ideas that came to mind and looked around, and then as we were walking back from one house Sister Holtermann SAW THE PHONE, the corner of it poking out from under a snow lump she'd kicked a few seconds earlier. What a cool miracle!!! And the phone still works!!! We were saved.

After that, our lesson with L____ fell through, we rescheduled, it fell through, we rescheduled, it fell through again..... so that was sad. We hope L_____ is still interested and not passively avoiding us.

BUT then at church yesterday, we had two people that weren't members of the church come! And we were able to set up appointments with the both of them later in the week!! We're so excited for that!
And then after that, we found out one of our recent converts had gotten into some bad things, and now his wife is divorcing him... we're devastated for their family. It's crazy how bi-polar this week has turned out.

But it's been a really good week. I think I'm learning how to fully lose myself in the service of others. I've felt major joy and some crushing sorrow... but this is an odd feeling of sorrow. It hurts but it's not destroying me- it's like a love based sorrow. I don't know how to describe it- I know things will be ok, I just feel sorrow for the ones I care about so much, but it's good for my heart at the same time to care so much and so deeply for other people. I hope that made sense! I'm still figuring it out! It's tough being a missionary when you give your heart away to so many people, but in the same instant, it is SO worth it. I love my mission, and I love Idaho, and most importantly, I love the Lord. He's so good to me and to my family, and to all my friends. Pray to Him! He hears you, like He hears me. He will help you.

Till next week!

Sister Clark

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