Friday, January 15, 2016

1st email :)

Hey momma!!! I'm alive! :D The MTC is absolutely GREAT, the spirit is everywhere. When they say that they put you to work when you get here, they really mean it! The moment we had our bags in our room we were already moving on to our first class, getting our nametags (AHHHH I LOVE IT), and meeting our "district" (all the people in our class). My comp is Sister Jarvis, she is WOOONDERFUL!!!! I love her so much, I'm so blessed to have a best friend in the MTC already!! I've been having plenty of powerful experiences already, and we (as a class) taught our first investigators yesterday. I don't know if the three of them were members pretending or not, and actually, no one knows! Either way, a lot of us made mistakes but more often than not, we had the Spirit. One investigator, a man named Jose, told us straight up that he didn't believe in God or heaven because of all the terrible things he'd seen in his life, and he was really bitter. But, a sister stood up and bore her testimony and told him that she loves him and she knows our God loves him, and he started crying!!! Everyone was floored and pumped and AH it was so fantastic! I really am happy, even if I'm busier than I ever have been in my life.
I love you guys :') I miss you all, but don't worry, I'm not feeling homesick too terribly. Father in Heaven is looking out for me, I am certain it's not possible to list all the ways He takes care of me, and being surrounded by His spirit.... I feel at home! Someone once said that once we get to heaven, the one thing that will surprise us the most is how familiar our Father's face is to us. So don't worry about me, I don't feel out of place or trapped in a bizarre environment. I'm adjusting pretty well- just getting ready for the day in 30 min is pretty tough! But I'm doing it B)
My MTC address is:

Sister Karoline Joyce Clark
2005 N 900 E Unit  74
Provo UT 84602

I think the "unit 74" is my mailbox...? I'll find out! My P-Day is Wednesday, so expect more from me then :) Also, PLEASE check out, you can send me free letters every single day I'm here!!! I think you type it up and it prints it out for me here and I get the mail. Woohoo!
I love you, never forget it! Gotta go!

~Sister Clark


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